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Yo-rg Development Services offers logo design that can be included with web designs or as an affordable package by itself. Our belief is logos are not just a hook, neither is identity only an image. This might seem confusing but an identity is the fact of being, the face a business is. An image is a representation in art, basically, an impression. Rather than hiring novice graphic designers to give your business an impression, hire Yo-rg professionals to develop a lasting brand and a lasting memory. We offer professional logo design services that are clean and memorable for all budget sizes.

Many businesses invest a fortune in equipment and supplies but neglect their identity. This is a mistake. Professional logo design is a businesses’ uniform. When a company’s logo is not up to standard, it is the identity of the entire company at stake. Our graphic designers can take any concept to develop a high quality logo, that is vectorized. This is important for when a need to increase the logo size or retain high quality is crucial.

When humanizing a brand, these details are more important than ever. Small businesses can achieve new connections through these powerful symbols. A good brand will help foster an invigorating experience and build lasting memories with the power of an unforgettable identity. The professional logo design package from Yo-rg, can speak to an audience in a voice that every person can understand. Perfect for social media and one of the best avenues for expanding a brands reach. A good identity communicates the efficiency of a business without the jargon. Furthermore, a good piece will speak that message regardless of being on a business card, website, letterhead, sign or anything else. There are many images on the web and plenty of logos, that are just images. These impressions are lost in the shuffle. 60% of a successful web design is branding. This identity coupled with exposure is the first tool in stretching a companies reach. Why trust an amateur design team when an identity can make or break a business?

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