Maine Web Design


A key to quality web design plans is the communication that forms the solid strategy. Great web page design starts small and develops the marketing strategy.

Maine Web Design


The second step in the stages of web design is to create the brand development strategies that will be implemented, while establishing an appropriate look and feel.

Maine Web Design


Fashioning the website build is where the web design & functionality are put together. Site development takes on the first form building up to a website launch.

Maine Web Design


The website launch is when a website created is ready to be made public. From here the process expands differently depending upon the first stages of web design planning.

The Stages of Web Design: Launch

When the website has been built, the pages will be made available live. This is where the rewards of enduring all the stages of web design start to become benefits. All of the planning, designing and building leads to this moment. Once a website has been launched it will be submitted to the search engines for ranking. It will also be available to be shared across social medias. Many web designers stop developing the website at this junction. Yo-rg Development Services sees the launch as a tipping that makes or breaks the success of the website. We continue to service and optimize the site for up to a year after launch. When a website has reached the development of a launch, the pages can be further advertised through a couple key services. SEM or Search Engine Marketing are pay per click spots that are focused to specific target groups on high visibility sections of websites or search engines with an already high amount of visitors.

Launching is a milestone, that marks the website ready for public display. This doesn’t mean that a website will never be touched again, though in some short campaigns it can. Quality web development will grow a website to achieve bigger goals and functions. Though some websites may not need to be adjusted, many will want to reap the benefits of increasing the role web development plays in their small business. Having more traffic into a website or adding user accounts can take websites to new levels, achieving th bigger goals takes time. There are infinite levels of web development that can be embarked upon but choosing the one that is best for your business is one Yo-rg Development Services can help to achieve. Our low cost web development is a service we offer to the Maine community, as well as the rest of New England. Our web developers will provide a high end web design with proven results.

The Stages of Web Design: Build